The theme of Satahanka XIII,  ”my sea”, encourages the participants to develop their own relationship with the sea, and it highlights the importance of protecting our nature and seas. During the camp the scouts will get information about sea nature and environment, nature hazards and how to prepare for them.

Photos from Satahanka XII: taken by Maija Savolainen, Olli Savisaari and Eveliina Saari

Program bays

Big ships

In the bay of big ships you will have a chance to learn more about sailor skills and sailing. Everybody, even the experienced sea scouts, will get a chance to learn something new!

Water bay

In the water bay you will find activities in which you’ll have the possibility to feel the speed or just to enjoy a sunny day. Would you like to race with dinghies, go on a canoeing trip with friends or participate in an exciting salvage exercise?

Archipelago bay

Do you know your sea? In the archipelago bay you will get know the Baltic Sea, and the fascinating nature and culture of its archipelago. In the bay you will also learn about the possibilities on improving the wellbeing of our seas. Environmentally responsible seafaring is also one of the bay’s themes.


During the hike you’ll have a chance to escape the ordinary camp life, and go on a 24 hour adventure in the nature of the archipelago! Hike consists of challenges where you will have to survive with our own group. Everybody is going to have their own role on this adventure!

Sea service bay

Have you always wanted to know how it is possible to reflect the waves from the sides of a boat? Would you like to have a peek on a ship’s engine? In the service bay you will get to explore topics like maintenance of a ship, engines and service. If you have dexterous fingers, mainentance chores should not be a problem for you!

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