Photo: Anni Taitto

What is Home Hospitality?

Home Hospitality is a program through which the international team of Satahanka XIII connects Finnish families and international participants of Satahanka XIII looking for accommodation for a few days before or after the camp. The families will provide their international guests accommodation and food for the duration of the visit. Home Hospitality provides an opportunity for the international participants to get to know the Finnish culture and Finland better.


Photo: Anni Taitto


What does Home Hospitality cost for the international participants?

Nothing, except the transportation between the camp and the accommodation. The family will provide the meals during your stay.

Where are the families located?

Host families are located in Eastern, Western and Southern Finland. It might take hours to get to the campsite from some families, so when you are in contact with your host family before your visit, ask about their location.

How do I get to the family from the camp, or from the family to the camp?

The international team of Satahanka XIII does not arrange transportation between Home Hospitality and the camp (or the airport and Home Hospitality). Participants have to arrange and pay for their own transportation to and from Home Hospitality. You can get help and more information about local connections from your host family.

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